Australia: Australia's Spirit Technology Solutions Announces Decision to Sell Network and Data Center Assets to Maret Group

Dec 02, 2022 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Spirit Technology Solutions has announced that it will sell its network and data center assets to Maret. The Australian communication provider revealed that it would transfer the assets to Maret but didn’t specify the data center assets it would be transferring. Sprint Technology would receive wholesale services from Maret to serve its customers as part of the transaction.

Sprint’s total network assets, including its remaining residential and some non-core small business customers, have been transferred to Maret. The managing director of Sprint, Julian Challingsworth, said: “The expanded wholesale arrangement is a continuation of our strategy to focus on technology solutions. It accelerates the simplification of our business, allows us to improve our focus on our target customer segment, and delivers an immediate positive impact to the bottom line.”

Sprint was founded in 2005, and it offers telecommunication services, managed IT services, cybersecurity services, and cloud services.

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