atNorth Stockholm SWE01: atNorth Launches its SWE01 DC Facility

Apr 26, 2022 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

atNorth has announced the launch of its new SWE01 DC facility in Kista, Sweden. The new data center is the first in the country designed to manage high-density workloads, including risk analysis, simulations, and AI. The facility has a total IT capacity of more than 11MW, spanning 6,400 square meters. The second development phase will also add 6MW to the facility. atNorth’s Nordic sales director, Stefan Jofors-aTribe, said data-driven businesses and enterprises need a special type of data center. He added that this is why the company has decided to be the first in the region to develop a data center that can manage high-density workloads from the state.

According to Stefan, choosing Stockholm for the facility is strategic because of its excellent connectivity, access to green energy, and good infrastructure that enables atNorth to deliver its services with high accuracy to customers inside and outside the region. Furthermore, the data center uses efficient heat recovery for liquid-cooled and air-cooled IT infrastructures. In addition, the facility’s heat is recycled in conjunction with Stockholm Exergy.

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