Microsoft Azure: AT&T and Microsoft launch Azure Edge Zone in Atlanta, Georgia

Nov 22, 2021 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Both AT&T and Microsoft have launched an Azure Edge zone in Atlanta, Georgia. Azure Edge zone is a type of infrastructure that provides 5-G connected cloud services from Edge facilities. The companies announced that they are launching the “Private Preview” of the Azure Edge zone. With this, customers will be able to combine cloud computing with 5G. CTO of AT&T Network Services, Andre Fuetsch, said 5G is not only about speed. Instead, it is about harnessing ultra-responsive and ultra-fast connectivity to distributed cloud technology for a greater experience.

Fuetsch further noted that the company’s partnership with Microsoft will ensure that the customers get the best data center services possible. According to Microsoft, the two companies have already conducted a fruitful proof of concept of the service in Los Angeles. Microsoft also said proof of concept of the service in Dallas and other metros is on its way.

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