Singapore: Asia-Pacific plans new data center acquisitions

Apr 08, 2024 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Singaporean real-estate firm Asia-Pacific Strategic Investments Limited (APS)  this week announced plans to acquire a 100 percent stake in Taiwanese sustainable data solutions provider, Mobii Genius Co., Ltd., for US$150 million.

“Creating green data processing and storage facilities is of paramount importance, especially as data is now the bedrock of so many aspects of our lives, from business to essential services,” said Choo Yeow Ming, APS CEO. “While we have traditionally focused on the hospitality business, this acquisition will be a step forward in revitalizing APS and enhancing shareholder value. We now look to grow sustainably alongside the climate resilience of the tech industry.”

Tseng Kuan-Chih, chief executive of Mobii Green Energy Co., Ltd. added: “Our data infrastructure and the environment must both be healthy for the other to flourish. Mobii’s green technology has been specifically designed over the years to do just that: decrease energy waste while increasing efficiency. This acquisition by APS is poised to help make this technology more accessible to more regions, starting with our expansion into Southeast Asia.”