Rostelecom: Armenia to be the site of Rostelecom's 200-rack data center

Jun 02, 2023 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Rostelecom is proposing to build a new data center in Armenia. According to Tass, the Armenian subsidiary of Rostelecom, GNC-Alfa, intends to launch a 200-rack facility in Armenia at the beginning of 2024. Location and power capacity were not divulged. Last year, it was reported that Rostelecom was contemplating establishing a facility in Armenia. Rostelecom, which was said to be looking to sell its Armenian unit in 2021, made a U-turn in response to the news. The company verified in March 2023 that the sale plans had been abandoned.

Rostelecom's subsidiary in Armenia, CJSC GNC-Alfa, offers Internet access, fixed telephone service, IP television, and other services. The company's 1,500-mile fiber optic network encompasses 80% of the nation's territory.