: Amazon announces further staff cuts

Mar 20, 2023 | Posted by MadalineDunn

Amazon has announced that it is to make further cuts to its workforce. Its total for the previous round of cuts reached 18,000; the new round is pegged to reach 9,000. The divisions set to be hit with cuts include:
  • AWS
  • PXT [People Experience and Technology Solutions], 
  • Advertising, and 
  • Twitch.

Speaking about the layoffs, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy, the former Amazon Web Services head, said: "Given the uncertain economy in which we reside, and the uncertainty that exists in the near future, we have chosen to be more streamlined in our costs and headcount."

Adding: "The overriding tenet of our annual planning this year was to be leaner while doing so in a way that enables us to still invest robustly in the key long-term customer experiences that we believe can meaningfully improve customers' lives and Amazon as a whole."

These cuts follow Amazon's record fourth quarter, with 2022 leading to its first net loss since 2014 at $2.7 billion.

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