Amazon AWS: Amazon and others to back US start-up Electric Hydrogen

Jul 08, 2022 | Posted by MadalineDunn

As green hydrogen turns the heads of big investors, Amazon, Equinor, and others have announced they are backing energy startup Electric Hydrogen (EH2) with a $198 million round, led by Fifth Wall Climate Tech. EH2 is reportedly working on a ‘100MW-minimum’ electrolyzer technology for industrial-scale green hydrogen production and has also received backing from Bill Gates’ Breakthrough Energy. 

The most recent funding round will support the company in scaling up its high throughput electrolyzer technology and the manufacturing and deployment of demonstration projects to produce green hydrogen. It is reportedly on course to offer H2 systems able to operate at the scale and cost needed to decarbonize a number of different sectors and claims it will reduce the per-kg cost of fossil-free hydrogen produced using wind and solar power through ‘advancements in the core electrochemistry’ of its electrolyzers and by working at significant scales. 

Speaking about the recent funding round, said Raffi Garabedian, CEO of Electric Hydrogen, said it “fuels the next phase” of its evolution. “We’ve demonstrated our enabling core technology, built an amazing team and now have the capital we need to get our technology out into the world and start curbing emissions.” He added: “Just as importantly, the participation of strategic partners at the forefront of the industries we are poised to decarbonize–energy, mining, logistics, and heavy manufacturing, to name a few–provides vital insight that will facilitate and accelerate our path to market.”

“Through our commitment to The Climate Pledge, Amazon has a goal to be net-zero carbon by 2040,” said Kara Hurst, Vice President for Worldwide Sustainability at Amazon. “We are proud to support Electric Hydrogen’s innovative efforts to scale the green hydrogen economy and to meet the decarbonization needs of hard-to-abate sectors like freight transportation and ocean shipping.”