Amazon New Albany: Jug and Beach Road: Amazon adds 112-acre lot adjacent to its New Albany campus

May 04, 2020 | Posted by Eric Bell

Amazon acquired a 112-acre lot adjacent to its New Albany campus. The lot is on the Northeastern corner of Beech Road Northwest and Jug Street. It's just to the north of its 68-acre New Albany campus.

Amazon Data Services bought the new lot for $21.8 million on April 20.  The $195,000-an-acre price tops what it paid the New Albany Co. for the first purchase in 2014.

New Albany City Council approved a 15-year, 100% property tax abatement for the Beech Road site in December, similar to the abatement for the earlier sites. The latest project, a 170,000-square-foot, $400 million data center, is expected to create 35 jobs. It would bring Amazon's total investment in the suburb to $1.7 billion, according to a city fact sheet.

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