Seoul: Alibaba Launches Data Center in Seoul, South Korea

Mar 31, 2022 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Alibaba Cloud has announced the opening of a new data center in Seoul, South Korea. The company first revealed plans for a South Korean cloud region last year. It currently operates 82 Availability Zones and 26 regions across the globe. Alibaba’s head of Cloud Intelligence for Japan and Korea, Unique Song, said in a press conference that Alibaba had opened a new data center in Korea to meet the increasing demand for digital transformation and services in the region. 

Alibaba Cloud’s Korea lead, Stone Nee, noted that the company would train 2,000 IT experts in Korea to help customers achieve their needs seamlessly. There have been activities in South Korea from different companies in recent times. Microsoft opened two regions in South Korea in 2017. AWS also launched a region in Seoul a year before Microsoft. In addition, Google opened a South Korean region in 2020.