United States: Akamai launches cloud offering for video processing

Apr 17, 2024 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Akamai has launched a media-optimized cloud offering for video processing,  based on Nvidia RTX 4000 Ada Generation GPUs which have been selected for their ability to process video content more efficiently and effectively.

“Media companies need low-latency, reliable compute resources that maintain the portability of the workloads they create,” said Shawn Michels, VP of cloud products at Akamai.

“Nvidia GPUs provide superior price performance when deployed on Akamai's global Edge platform. Together with our Qualified Compute Partners and open platform, we give our customers the capability to architect their next-gen workloads to be cloud agnostic and support multicloud architectures.”

Michels added, “In order to support a wide range of workloads, you need a wide array of compute instances. What we’re doing with industry-optimized GPUs is one of many steps we’re taking for our customers to increase instance diversity across the entire continuum of compute to drive and power Edge native applications.”