365 Data Centers: 365 Data Centers Planned Tampa Campus Expansion

Jun 20, 2023 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

365 Data Centers is constructing an additional data center space at its Tampa, Florida, site. The Tampa Internet Exchange and 25 carriers are housed in the Franklin Exchange building at 655 North Franklin Street, the campus location. The company's current market footprint will double due to the expansion, which comes after modifying the site's power plant.

At its completion in 1966, the Franklin Exchange building was the highest structure in Tampa and housed the National Exchange Bank. In the 1990s, the property management firm The Wilson Company repurposed a building slated for demolition into a portion of its corporate headquarters. It used to be the site of the Wikimedia Foundation's first colocation facility, which vacated the building in 2013.

The expansion in Tampa is one of 365 Data Centers' growth strategies, as the organization is considering investing more capital in its existing facilities and maintaining its disciplined strategy of acquiring data centers in strategic edge markets.