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Nov 29, 2023 -

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What You'll Learn From Data Center Real Estate Leaders:
  • What are the current trends in Northern California, the second-largest data center market in the country?
  • Silicon Valley remains near a record low vacancy at 2.9% - how will this impact pricing?
  • How does Northern California compare to other major markets in California (Los Angeles) and the greater west coast (Arizona, Oregon, etc.)?
  • The asking rental rate in the 250-500kW range have risen to $155-$250 per kW - the highest rate in all of North America. How does this impact current and new tenants, as well as developers?
  • Is liquid cooling still on the rise? How are operators looking to apply this cooling technology?
  • Power remains a big pain point for all operators, across almost all markets, which sources of renewable energy are being considered and implemented in the West Coast?
  • How are general contractors and developers working together to ensure projects are delivered on time? Which tools and best practices can be shared?
  • What is the investment landscape of the industry and how is investor appetite going into 2023?
  • How are engineers and architects planning for advanced technologies, like AI? Where will be the biggest pain points?
  • How can AI tools be leveraged today to benefit both operators and their customers?
How You'll Do More Business:
There is no slowdown in this industry and strong relationships are more important than ever before. Learn about the trends, opportunities, and challenges ahead to position yourself to make the right business decisions and expand your network. 
Who You’ll Network With In CRE:
Owners, providers, brokers, investors, engineers, lawyers, CEOs, vice president of design and construction, heads of acquisitions, directors of site selection, end-users and more commercial real estate decision-makers.