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Login, Inc was founded in September 2001 by a group of local business owners and investors to fill the void of quality internet providers in the Tucson market. Those that invested in Login had become accustomed to a high quality of technical, customer and billing service that had since fallen by the wayside as the national providers continually went through bankruptcies and the local ISPs had become gobbled up by dot-coms.

Login’s focus has always been providing peace of mind to its customers. While others may feel it sufficient to stop at the construction of a highly redundant infrastructure, Login’s conservative approach has yielded a solid, stable business that is 100% debt free. Login has maintained a debt free and cash flow positive status since October 2001 through conservative financial decisions and a plan of managed growth. The attitude has always been that the existing customer is always more important than acquiring a new one. As a result, customer attrition has never been a consideration in any projections.

Login turned up their first DS3 circuit in 2001 and has since grown, through profits and calculated decisions, a substantial and very fault tolerant network. Customers directly connected to Login’s network have enjoyed 100% uptime for years even while that network that started as a single DS3 (45Mbps) has grown to a staggering 30Gbps across three geo-diverse fiber routes to three diverse upstream providers Source: Login

  • Operating 1 data center in 1 market.
  • Their largest faciilty is Login-Tucson.
  • The company has 0 sites under construction.

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