Microsoft opens Availability Zones in Norway East Azure Cloud region

Sep 29, 2021 | Posted by AbdulRahmanOladimeji

Microsoft has announced the launch of its Availability Zones in its Norway East Azure Cloud region in Oslo. However, it has also canceled its plan for the region in Stavanger, which is to the west. The Company first revealed its plans to open two Azure Cloud regions in the country in 2018. One was planned for Stavanger and the other in Oslo. The Cloud region has three Availability Zones which are data centers separated by geography but linked for low latency. These regions also provide resilience and redundancy for situations where there’s a failure at one of the facilities.

According to the Company’s website, only the region in Oslo is listed as available. The region has three Availability Zones available for use. Microsoft also revealed that the Availability Zones have been in operation since the middle of summer for test users. However, they are now ready for launch to the general public. The data center lead in Microsoft Norway, Christopher Frenning, said the Availability Zones would enable customers to bring more workloads to the Microsoft Cloud. He further added that the Zones would also allow the Company to serve an ever-increasing market better.

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