DigitalBridge in advanced talk with PCCW to buy its data centers

Jul 21, 2021 | Posted by AbdulRahmanOladimeji

According to Bloomberg, DigitalBridge Group is in talks with Hong Kong tech firm PCCW to buy its data centers. DigitalBridge data center REIT used to be Colony Capital until it rebranded to form DigitalBridge in June 2020. The Company already has a large portfolio of data centers, but it is now looking to add PCCW’s data center business to its already large portfolio. PCCW has a total of nine data centers in Malaysia, Hong Kong, and China.

Besides, PCCW has been trying to sell the assets since April for $1 billion; however, Bloomberg says DigitalBridge is looking to pay only $600 million for the assets. Bloomberg also reports that the potential purchase of the data centers to have come through an auction in which DigitalBridge put in the strongest bid.

This move sees DigitalBridge continue to invest heavily in digital assets after the Company sold off its non-digital assets to focus on digital assets. DigitalBridge has up to $32 billion of data center assets, including controlling interests in Zayo, Vantage Data Centers, zColo, DataBank, etc.

PCCW Malaysia Facility

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