Site: zColo Poissonnière

Company: Zayo
Metro: Paris
Country: France
Region: Western Europe
Region: Europe
Region: EMEA
Region: World
Gross SqFt: 8,000
Total Power: ??? NN
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Ownership: Zayo does not own the building.

Map and Nearby Locations:

21 Rue Poissonnière, 75002 Paris, France

SITES within 15 miles of zColo Poissonnière

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Distance Site name SqFt MW
11.19 miles CELESTE-Marilyn
13.05 miles Euclyde DC6 Lognes 59,202
13.17 miles Sungard Paris Lognes 55,856 5.00
13.92 miles Alionis ADC1 11,840
14.95 miles Colt Les Ulis 53,820