Web Werks Delhi NCR

D Block

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D Block
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Sites within 15 miles of Web Werks Delhi NCR

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Distance Site About
0.44 miles NTT NCR Nodia
0.69 miles Nxtra Data Noida I
1.14 miles Google Noida
1.54 miles Nxtra Data Noida III
1.84 miles AdaniConneX Noida
5.91 miles Nxtra Data Noida II
6.23 miles STT Noida
Located on a 5-acre plot, the purpose-built six-story building is equipped with a special electrical distribution system and onsite fuel storage of 48 hours to ensure uninterrupted cooling for data halls.
6.67 miles CtrlS Nodia
6.67 miles CtrlS Delhi
7.90 miles Yotta D1
8.38 miles Ricoh New Delhi
10.39 miles STT Delhi DC3
10.45 miles STT Delhi 1
10.64 miles STT Delhi 3

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Delhi NRC DC1
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Operating Company

WebWerks was founded in 1996.

5 Facilities Owned
4 Markets Served
19.0 Megawatts
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