Vantage Data Centers tops-out of first data center in Goodyear, Arizona

Nov 24, 2021 | Posted by AbdulRahmanOladimeji

Vantage Data Centers has expanded its data center campus in Goodyear, Arizona, by completing the construction of a new data center. The company revealed that it topped out its first 32MW data center on the Phoenix campus. Vantage acquired land in 2019 and began construction on the site. The first phase of the development of the facility will include a single-story data center which is scheduled to be in operation in 2022.

The president of Vantage Data Centers North America, Jeff Tench, said it is not leaving North America in its global expansion plans. He said Vantage would ensure that its customers’ needs in strategic markets would be met. Tench also noted that its customers had identified Phoenix as a great data center location due to its business-friendly environment, rich connectivity, and power costs. He added that the Phoenix market is an ideal market for large enterprises, cloud providers, and hyperscalers that need a west coast presence.

Vantage Data Centers' Press Release on November 23, 2021

DENVER--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Vantage Data Centers, a leading global provider of hyperscale data center campuses, today announced the topping out of its first 32MW data center in Goodyear, Arizona, just outside of Phoenix, one of the top five data center markets in the U.S. This will be the company’s largest North American campus when fully developed at 160MW and second largest globally, after its 270MW Cardiff campus in the U.K. The first phase of development will be comprised of a single-story facility offering 32MW of critical IT capacity and is scheduled to be operational in the spring.

“As we continue to expand globally, Vantage is also increasing our footprint across North America to meet our customers growing needs, providing high-quality data centers in strategic markets,” said Jeff Tench, president, North America, Vantage Data Centers. “Our customers have identified Phoenix as an ideal location due to its low power costs, rich connectivity and business-friendly environment. This is a fitting market for hyperscalers, cloud providers and larger enterprises who need a west coast presence for their digital infrastructure requirements.”

Located on 50 acres within Goodyear’s “Bullard Tech Corridor,” this growing campus will include three data centers and more than 1 million square feet once fully developed. This location will provide Vantage’s hyperscale, cloud and large enterprise customers with a viable alternative to the space-constrained and more costly Silicon Valley market.

“We are excited Vantage chose Goodyear for its flagship location in the southwest region. The company’s commitment to sustainability is demonstrated by design decisions which virtually eliminate water for cooling,” said Vice Mayor Brannon Hampton. “The city of Goodyear has established itself as a dynamic locality by attracting top technology companies and knowledge-based jobs. We look forward to a sustained partnership as the first facility opens its doors next year.”

Vantage is prioritizing environmental stewardship in Arizona as it has done in each of its global markets. The campus will employ a closed-loop chilled water system with air-side economizers that allows for reduced energy use based on outside ambient temperature. The system uses no ongoing water, a critical feature in this region, making the planned water usage efficiency (WUE) near zero (liters/kW/hr). This approach, along with other design features and access to renewable energy, enables Vantage to achieve industry-leading power usage effectiveness (PUE). Vantage has also committed to achieve net zero carbon emissions across every campus by 2030.

Vantage remains focused on growing its footprint across North America and worldwide. This milestone follows on the heels of two global expansions by Vantage, which recently entered both Asia Pacific and South Africa.

On Tuesday, November 23, a topping out celebration was held on site in honor of placing the last beam of steel atop the data center structure. Attendees included Vice Mayor Brannon Hampton, Council Member Joe Pizzillo, Council Member Sheri Lauritano, Council Member Bill Stipp, Assistant to the Council John Raeder, city staff and officials from Layton Construction (general contractor).

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