Site: Telin-1

Company: Telin Singapore
Country: Singapore
Region: Southeast Asia
Region: Asia-Pacific (APAC)

Established in 2009, Telin-1 Data Centre is Telin’s first data centre in Singapore which is built based on TIA/EIA-942 standards. As one of the key telecommunication hubs in Southeast Asia, it offers a wide range of services including colocation, internet gateway, disaster recovery, IT facility housing and international submarine cable.

  • Uptime Tier III certified data centre
  • 2N Static UPS & 2N power configuration
  • MTCS:SS-584 certified
  • ISMS ISO-27001 certified
  • Air cleanness based on ISO 14644-1 Class 8 Standard

Map and Nearby Locations:

30 Changi North Way, Singapore 498814

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2.28 miles Amazon SIN3
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