What does the US $1 trillion Infrastructure Bill mean for the data center industry?

Sep 14, 2021 | Posted by MadalineDunn

There’s a lot of discussion around what the new bipartisan Infrastructure Bill means for the data center industry, and many are anticipating significant changes on the horizon.

The bill, which is currently passing through Congress, would lend a hand to the industry’s decarbonization efforts, with plans to bolster investment in renewable energy, such as wind, solar and geothermal energy. This is great news for many in the industry who are delivering on their sustainability goals and net-zero pledges.

Another advantageous feature of the bill, which brings data centers into the spotlight and will increase demand, is the provision to improve broadband infrastructure in rural communities to expand people’s access to high-speed internet. Much of the investment in digital infrastructure, which stands at $65B, specifically targets this digital divide.

Elsewhere, the bill discusses investment in improving grid infrastructure, reliability and resiliency - crucial for data centers’ uninterrupted functioning even in times of crisis. 

The bill also outlines plans for the environmental remediation of old industrial sites, which will receive an injection of $21 billion, which could help the industry develop sites more sustainability without encroaching on natural land.

Commenting on what the bill means for the industry as a whole, Kyle Myers, global director of environmental health and safety for CyrusOne, said: “We welcome the bill not only for its impact but for the sustainable ways it would impact our industry.”

Adding: “We are committed to conserving water and energy through the effective design, maintenance and operation of our facilities. And we aspire to be strategic partners for sustainability with our customers. The bill will help this industry achieve its sustainability mission.”

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