MDX-i Lagos

Chief Chuks Ikokwu Street

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Chief Chuks Ikokwu Street
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Sites within 15 miles of MDX-i Lagos

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Distance Site About
6.45 miles OADC: Lagos LOS1
The Equiano sub-sea cable directly connects to LOS1.
11.83 miles Medallion Lagos - Digital Realty
12.73 miles ADC Lagos LOS1
18.06 miles Rack Centre Lagos

MDX-i Lagos Data Center Photos

Pre-Construction Rendering of the Campus
Source: MDXi

MainOne's data centre in Lekki, Nigeria
Source: MDXi

Entrance Gate Under Construction in 2015

Lobby Sign
Note the cold aisle containment pods in the background

Colocation Room at the MainOne Lekki Facility

Note the cold aisle containment pods in the background

Inside a Cold Aisle Containment Pod

Operating Company

MainOne, a subsidiary of Main Street Technologies, was founded in 2010 to manage the building and operation of the privately funded Main One Cable System, stretching from Portugal to South Africa. Using the open access fiber backbone, the company soon diversified into colocation, managed hosting and cloud services.

In 2013, MainOne announced it would build a data center in Lagos that would be reliable enough to attract multinational companies which operate in Nigeria, but currently prefer do host their data outside the country.

MDX-i Data Center is a MainOne Company registered in Nigeria as MainData Nigeria Limited (MDXi). In January 2015, MDXi launched its flagship data centre project “MDXi Lekki” with the sole purpose of developing a hub for key intercontinental connectivity while serving as the primary point for traffic aggregation in West Africa. MDXI’s Lekki data centre is currently the largest purpose built data centre in the entire West Africa.

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