Level3 (was TWTC) Portland

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Site: Level3 (was TWTC) Portland

Company: Lumen Technologies
Metro: Portland
State: Oregon
Region: Pacific Northwest
Country: United States
Region: North America
Region: Americas
Region: World

Map and Nearby Locations:

520 SW 6th Avenue, Portland, OR 97204 (Suite 300)

SITES within 15 miles of Level3 (was TWTC) Portland

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Distance Site name SqFt MW
0.06 miles Integra Portland (400 SW 6th) 300
0.09 miles Level3 Portland II
0.10 miles LightPoint Portland
0.17 miles Pittock Internet Exchange 81,906 8.00
0.21 miles Atmosera DC3 10,000 1.00
0.35 miles Opus Interactive Portland 80,000 8.00
0.35 miles Tata Portland (Brewery Block) 77,561 8.00
0.87 miles vXchnge Portland 41,000 2.00
0.88 miles Level3 Portland I
0.88 miles SpireTech
Large Content Company Data Centers in Rural Oregon
Posted in Oregon
Source: Dan Aguayo - The Oregonian