InfoRelay LAX1, LAX2, LAX3

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Site: InfoRelay LAX1, LAX2, LAX3

Company: InfoRelay
Metro: Los Angeles
State: California
Country: United States
Region: North America
Region: Americas
Ownership: InfoRelay does not own the building.

InfoRelay has acquired space within larger datacenter providers in the following sites:
600 West 7th Street
6th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90017

624 S. Grand Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90017

900 N. Alameda Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Map and Nearby Locations:

624 S Grand Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90017

SITES within 15 miles of InfoRelay LAX1, LAX2, LAX3

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Distance Site name SqFt MW
0.04 miles ColoCrossing LA1 50,000
0.04 miles United Layer-LA4 3,000 0.60
0.04 miles Wilcon 530 West 6th 3,200 3.00
0.04 miles Colocation America (LA4) 10,000 0.50
0.05 miles US Colo (Quinby) 13,000
0.06 miles QuadraNet Los Angeles 530
0.06 miles Level3 Los Angeles (600 Wilshire)
0.08 miles Wilcon 607 West 7th 6,500
0.08 miles Telehouse 626 Wilshire 13,000
0.11 miles ANEXIO LAX6 20,000