Site: H5 Colo

Company: H5 Colo
Metro: Dallas
State: Texas
Country: United States
Region: North America
Region: Americas
Region: World
Gross SqFt: 20,000
Total Power: 1.5 Megawatts

The H5 Colocation Center is a Bunker-Style purpose-built Data Center facility for Colocation, Disaster Recovery, and flexible Lab / Office space (it is also a fallout shelter). H5 COLO is housed on the second floor in the 4 Park Central building. The 2nd floor is 55,000 SF in size and dedicated to H5 COLO use. This facility is uniquely and specifically designed for the following type(s) of users:

  • 4-Level data and technology center purpose-built to provide a secure location for critical infrastructure and staff
  • 20,000 SF hardened Data Center at the core of the building with 100,000 SF of adjacent Lab / Office space
  • 220,362 Rentable Square Feet (RSF)
  • 50,000 RSF floor plates

Map and Nearby Locations:

12712 Park Central Drive, Dallas, TX 75251 (Suite 200 )

SITES within 15 miles of H5 Colo

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Distance Site name SqFt MW
8.73 miles Cologix DAL1, DAL2, DAL3 40,000
8.73 miles Flexential Dallas Infomart I-V 80,447 6.66
8.73 miles zColo Dallas (Infomart) 10,850 2.00
8.73 miles Integra Dallas 400 1.50
8.73 miles Atlantic Metro Dallas DFW1 20,000 3.00
8.73 miles Verizon Dallas (Infomart) 18,816 12.00
8.81 miles Flexential Dallas (Plano) 148,000 18.00
8.90 miles zColo 1100 Empire Central 36,000 0.90
8.99 miles Level3 (was TWTC) Dallas
9.10 miles CoreSpace Dallas 30,000 2.50

H5 Colo Stack Plan
Outside of 12712 Park Central Dr in Dallas
Source: H5 Colo

August 2018

H5Colo Data Sheet (PDF)