Google buys plot near Apple's planned Danish data center

Nov 30, 2017 | Posted by admin

Google has acquired a 131 hectares of land in the Aabenraa Municipality of Denmark.

“I am pleased and proud that Google has chosen Aabenraa Municipality. It confirms that we have the potential to become a data centre cluster for the world’s largest IT companies,” said Mayor Thomas Andresen. “We have direct access to the main European networks of sustainable electricity and high capacity data connections to the entire world. And we have a local government able to handle the needs of foreign investors professionally.” 

Google’s purchase of the 131-hectare building site located right next to the European electricity hub, Kassø Transformer Station, and close to Apple’s future data centre in one stroke makes Aabenraa Municipality the potential host of one of the world’s by far largest data centre areas.

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