Cologix expands Montreal MTL10-H facility by additional 15 MW

Oct 03, 2019 | Posted by editor

Cologix announced today that it has expanded its Longueuil Campus, located Northeast of Montreal in Quebec. The expansion was initiated by Colo-D in October 2018. Colo-D was acquired by Cologix two months later in December. 

Previously known as Colo-D2, the facility is now known as MTL10-H.  The Longueil facility offers connectivity via high-count, diverse, scalable fiber and direct access to Montreal at Cologix’s MTL3 facility, located at 1250 Rene-Levesque West and 875 St-Antoine at the two Montreal Carrier Hotels.

Through the acquisition of the adjacent land property, Cologix is also securing the potential for yet another 15 MW and 25K SQF of data halls, bringing the Cologix total capacity in Montreal close to 100 MW.

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