Centersquare: Gallatin

1398 Gateway Dr

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Centersquare is developing a new data center campus outside Nashville in Gallatin, Tennessee.

The company is partnering with Archer Datacenters to offer capacity at an existing data center on the plot, and is planning to expand the site further.

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1398 Gateway Dr
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0.97 miles Facebook Gallatin TN
In May 2020, Facebook acquired land to build a 970,000 sqft data center in Gallatin, TN

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Headquartered in Dallas, Centersquare (formerly Evoque+Cyxtera) specializes in delivering a comprehensive suite of colocation and data center services. Prioritizing connectivity, security, and redundancy, Centersquare is at the forefront of meeting the rigorous demands of today's digital transformation efforts. Catering to a diverse clientele, ranging from mid-sized enterprises to large web-scale businesses, Centersquare not only ensures compliance with industry regulations but also guarantees unmatched uptime.

16 Facilities Owned
12 Markets Served
96.0 Megawatts
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