Ascenty Announced the Launch of a New Data Center in Paulínia

Jun 06, 2019 | Posted by admin

Ascenty has announced it has launched it's new 16 MVA data center in Paulínia outside of São Paulo.

Ascenty will have 16 data centres in operation in Brazil by the end of the year, and now has 17 data centres in operation and construction, interconnected by 4,500 km of proprietary fibre optic network.

"The start-up of operations at the Paulínia plant is another important step in Ascenty's expansion plans. The metropolitan region of Campinas is extremely strategic because it offers a privileged location, close to access routes to the capital and to the main municipalities of the region, where large companies that already are our partners work ", says Roberto Rio Branco, vice president of Marketing and Ascenty's Institutional Relations.

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