56 Marietta Carrier Hotel - Digital Realty

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Site: 56 Marietta Carrier Hotel - Digital Realty

Company: Digital Realty Trust
Metro: Atlanta
State: Georgia
Country: United States
Region: North America
Region: Americas
Short Code: ATL1
Total Building SqFt: 160,000
Gross SqFt: 152,650
Total Power: 10.0 Megawatts
Ownership: Digital Realty Trust owns the building.

56 Marietta is an Interconnection Hub:

56 Marietta is the primary Interconnection building in Atlanta. In fact, the nearest buildings that could rival 56 Marietta's network density is the Equinix campus in Ashburn, Virginia (640 miles), The Nap of the Americas in Miami, Florida (660 miles), 350 E Cermak in Chicago, Illinois, or the Infomart in Dallas, Texas (780 miles).

Because of the building's size and Interconnection density, other colocation companies call 56 Marietta home, including Level3, Cogent, Colocrossing, and Equinix (former Switch and Data's facility.)

The building was acquired as part of the Telx acquisition in 2015.


  • 12 Stories w/ 2 Basements; 160,000 (sq.ft.)
  • Concrete and Steel Construction with Brick Façade
  • Telx Leased 152,650 (sq.ft.)
  • Flood Zone Zone X (Shaded): Outside 100 year flood plain
  • Seismic Zone: 2A
  • Parking Available
  • Floor LoadingUp to 185 (lbs/sq.ft.)

Building History:

  • Telx acquired the building in 2004
  • Digital Realty Trust acquired Telx in 2015


  • Utility Power Capacity: 9,500 (kW)
  • UPS Power Capacity: 2,951 (kW)
  • UPS Redundancy: N+1, 2N
  • Power Density: 150-225 (W/sq.ft.)
  • DC Power is Available
  • Generator Power Capacity: 9,400 (kW)
  • Generator Redundancy: N, N+1
  • Cooling Redundancy: N+1


  • Concrete Deck with Raised Steel Platform
  • Roof Rights Available


  • 24x7 Onsite Security Personnel
  • Monitored by CCTV Camera Systems 24x7 with 90 day Retention
  • Biometric and Photo Badge Access Authentication Points for Data Center Entry
  • Security Check-In at Lobby with Man Trap into the Data Center Suites
  • Elevator Authentication and Corridor Security


SOC2, SOC3, and HIPAA Compliant

Map and Nearby Locations:

56 Marietta Street NW, Atlanta, GA 30303

SITES within 15 miles of 56 Marietta Carrier Hotel - Digital Realty

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Distance Site name SqFt MW
0.81 miles H5 Atlanta 110,000 8.00
1.40 miles DataBank Atlanta ATL1 40,000 8.30
1.88 miles Level3 Atlanta (874 Dekalb)
1.95 miles SunGard Atlanta (1055) 35,300
2.30 miles Internap Atlanta ACS003 10,400 1.25
2.30 miles QTS Atlanta Metro 453,000 72.00
2.43 miles Level3 Atlanta (953 Donnelly)
2.44 miles EdgeConneX ATL01 6,700 1.50
2.44 miles EdgeConneX Atlanta
2.46 miles EdgeConneX ATL02 20,000 15.00
Map produced by TAG, the Technology Association of Georgia.

Exterior View
56 Marietta with Telx Signage
Map produced by TAG, the Technology Association of Georgia.
Map of Georgia's Data Centers
Posted in Atlanta

Map produced by TAG, the Technology Association of Georgia.

November 2017

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